Remember the crazy Rezvani Tank we showed you back in October 2017? Well, the California-based automaker has now added a “Military Edition” derivative to its line-up, fitting the bulletproof newcomer with what it call the “ultimate” in security features.

The firm says this latest version of the body-on-frame Tank has been "designed to withstand urban terrain or apocalyptic attack".

As with the, er, "standard" Tank, buyers can choose from a range of adjustable suspension settings, seat styles and leather options. Power still comes from a 6,4-litre Hemi V8 worth 373 kW as standard, although the Military Edition variant can also be ordered with an optional 527 kW 6,2-litre Hellcat V8 for an additional $65 000 (that's about R880 000).

Standard features on the Military Edition model include B7-rated glass armour, added armour around the driver and passenger compartment, a thermal night-vision system, bomb protection, a Kevlar-wrapped fuel tank, radiator protection, reinforced suspension, ram bumpers and military-grade run-flat tyres.

Not quite enough? Well, Rezvani also includes “electrified door handles”, a siren/PA system, strobe lights, blinding lights, an intercom system, magnetic dead bolts, gas masks, a first aid kit and even a hypothermia kit. Oh, and a smoke screen, for those times when you really need to lose the bad guys.

So, how much for all this? Well, the Rezvani Tank Military Edition starts at $295 000, which is just short of R4-million at the current exchange rate.