Next-gen Amarok bakkie ‘a real beast’ and ‘true Volkswagen’, says exec

A high-ranking Volkswagen executive has promised the second-generation Amarok bakkie will be a “real beast” and a “true” VW, despite being built by Ford.

As a reminder, the next-gen Amarok will be produced alongside the next Ranger at Ford’s assembly plant in Silverton, South Africa, from 2022. The Blue Oval firm is the lead partner on the project.

Albert Johann Kirzinger, who heads up design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, told Australian media outlets such as his team had been “co-developing” the new version of the bakkie with Ford for the past 18 months.

“We know what our Amarok means to our customers and fans in Australia. And that’s the reason why we are really working hard to have a 100 percent Volkswagen – a true Volkswagen – and not only a rebadged Ford. I want you to rest assured that this Amarok will be a real beast,” Kirzinger said.

Gu Han Kim, the head of Volkswagen’s Melbourne design team, added the next-gen Amarok’s styling would be “impressive”.

“We’re here to do our very best. We’re here to work hard and to work closely with our development partner to fulfil expectations our Amarok fans and customers have.

“So what can we expect from the Amarok? Just like the current Amarok, it will define the benchmark of its class again. No question about that. And in terms of design, it’s going to be impressive, and a clear member of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles line-up,” Kim said.

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