A fresh report out of Japan suggests that Nissan will end development of diesel engines in the next few years, opting instead to procure oil-burning powerplants for its commercial range from “outside sources”.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Nissan is set to become the latest automaker to shift resources away from diesel and towards electric vehicles, with development and production of diesel engines expected to cease in “the 2020s based on its assessment of demand”.

The report claims that the decision was made after Nissan “concluded that further decline in the diesel engine market is inevitable”, with various countries already signalling their intentions to limit sales of diesel vehicles in a bid to meet ever-tightening emissions regulations.

The report adds that Nissan plans to continue offering diesel-powered commercial vehicles, but with these oil-burning engines provided by another source. Nissan’s Alliance partner, French brand Renault, is expected to follow a similar strategy, according to the Nikkei Asian Review report.