The Nissan NV200 is, to many, a utility van and utilitarian people carrier. To give it more appeal as a lifestyle vehicle, Nissan has put together this NV200 Camper, which has been given extensive alterations to make it what seems to be an ideal holiday car.

Based on the electrified e-NV200, the Camper has been fitted with an elevating roof, making the cabin large enough for occupants to stand up in. There’s also a removable table fit for four people that can be positioned underneath the extendable canopy. Lastly, a bicycle rack has been installed on the tailgate.

For those who require more space, Nissan has also built a Camper based on the NV300, a vehicle that's unavailable here in South Africa. This also has an extendable roof and canopy, but because of its larger proportions, it can accommodate more people. Additionally, the cabin has been fitted with a cooking station, dining area and sleeping quarters. It’s worth noting that these three areas are quite literally on top of one another.

The Camper series will initially be available only in Spain. Seeing that South Africa doesn’t have access to the e-NV200 or NP300, it is unlikely that we’ll see any Campers reaching our shores.