A high-ranking Nissan executive in Australia says the Japanese brand has "bigger things to worry about" than the Mercedes-Benz X-Class potentially taking a bite out of the Navara’s sales pie.

Still, speaking to GoAuto.com, Nissan Australia managing director Stephen Lester admitted that the brand would keep an eye on how the Navara-based X-Class was selling.

“Like with all vehicles or competitors in the marketplace, we are keenly interested in knowing what is going on and how they are performing and what is helping drive that performance,” he told the Australian publication.

“So we will, as we do with myriad other competitors, keep a close eye on that and watch how it’s going.”

Lester added that he saw the media’s constant comparisons between the X-Class and Navara as neither a help nor a hindrance.

“I don’t think it helps or hinders at all, to be honest. I think what we offer to Daimler is significant by way of underpinnings of the vehicle, and we wish them the best of luck with their version of that.

“But, honestly, I think the rest of the market is so hyper-competitive, and in that tough segment, I have got a lot of other bigger things to worry about than X-Class, to be honest,” Lester said.