The head of design at Nissan says the next-generation version of the Japanese brand’s GT-R will be “the world’s fastest brick”.

Speaking to Autocar, Alfonso Albaisa, who holds the position of senior vice president for global design at Nissan, revealed that the automaker had tentatively started designing the next GT-R.

Albaisa told the British publication that he was constantly "reviewing" sketches of the next-generation GT-R, but emphasised that the platform and powertrain had yet to be finalised.

“The challenge is on the engineer, to be honest. We will do our jobs when the time comes to make the car something really special. But we’re not even close to that yet,” he said, prompting Autocar to speculate that the vehicle could arrive only after 2020.

“Whether we go to a lot of electrification or none at all, we can achieve a lot power wise. But we are definitely making a new ‘platform’ and our goal is clear: GT-R has to be the quickest car of its kind. It has to ‘own’ the track. And it has to play the advanced technology game; but that doesn’t mean it has to be electric,” Albaisa said.

“We simply have to reflect people’s dreams; and I think people dream that the next GT-R will be the hottest super sportscar in the world.”

Albaisa added that the next-generation version of the GT-R would be a “beast” in terms of its design, too.

“It’s an animal; it has to be imposing and excessive. Not in terms of its wings, but rather its visual mass, its presence and its audacity. It doesn’t care what every other supercar in the world is doing; it simply says: ‘I’m a GT-R, I’m a brick, catch me.’

“It’s the world’s fastest brick, really. And when I review sketches for the new car, I say that a lot: “Less wing, more brick’.”