An Isuzu executive in Australia says the Japanese automaker has no interest in joining the V6 power wars, quipping that the KB bakkie is “not a racing car”.

Speaking to, Yugo Kiyofuji, deputy managing director at Isuzu Ute Australia, explained that the automaker had no plans to include a V6-powered performance model in its range of next-generation KB (or D-Max, as it’s known Down Under) pick-ups.

“For the next generation, I don’t have anything to comment on, but from my perspective we will remain Isuzu brand. I’m not going to ask the factory to introduce a V6 or 300 kW and 600 N.m,” he told the publication.

“Some boast about V6 and some about figures, but we are not trying to go into a battle of the figures. What we are focusing on is how the customers can use the vehicles,” Kiyofuji added, citing the KB’s “high torque from low revs”.

He was, of course, making reference to the power battle currently on the go between the V6 versions of the Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

“It’s not about 200 kW and whatever. It’s not a speeding car; it’s not a racing car. So I think we are going to keep the same Isuzu spirit for the next generation, at least around the powertrain."

Still, Kiyofuji confirmed that Isuzu (in Australia, at least) is considering an off-road model to rival the Ford Ranger Raptor, perhaps based on the Arctic Trucks AT35 version sold in the United Kingdom.