The studious folks over at AutoGuide are making a habit of digging up interesting trademark applications. Recently, the US-based publication unearthed Jaguar Land Rover’s filing for the C-Pace badge, and now it has revealed an application from the brand for the "J-Type" moniker.

On 10 July 2018, the Whitley-based automaker filed to register the J-Type badge with the European Union Intellectual Property Office under three classifications.

What sort of vehicle could this badge be reserved for? Well, while we suspect that the automaker has plans to launch a fresh sportscar positioned above the F-Type, AutoGuide speculates that the J-Type could even end up replacing the F-Type.

The publication quotes a 2016 interview Road & Track conducted with Ian Callum, in which the Jaguar design director hinted that the next-generation F-Type could go the mid-engine route.

In addition, Callum earlier in 2018 confirmed to Autocar that he was “working on” a 2+2 version of the F-Type, having also previously hinted at the possibility of a four-door sportscar.

Will the J-Type end up as the latter? It seems the most plausible from where we're sitting, but we guess only time will tell…