A fresh report out of the United Kingdom suggests that Vauxhall – and thus presumably its Opel sister brand, too – has plans to launch a GSi-badged Corsa before the end of the year.

Now owned by the PSA Group, Opel recently confirmed that its new sixth-generation Corsa hatchback would go into production in Zaragoza in 2019, so this warmed-up GSi model could be seen as something of a swansong for the outgoing generation. The GSi badge was, of course, last year revived for use on the Insignia.

According to Auto Express, a press release from the German brand confirmed that the “sporty Corsa GSi” would arrive in showrooms in the UK “in late 2018”. It’s not yet clear whether this proposed model is destined for South Africa.

The report added that the new Corsa GSi would likely employ the brand’s 1,4-litre turbocharged four-pot, although it’s not yet known whether it will boast any more oomph than the 110 kW/220 N.m version currently doing duty in the Corsa Sport.

The British publication furthermore suggested that the Corsa GSi would benefit from chassis modifications, including stiffer springs, along with a handful of styling tweaks. What this model's conception means for the OPC badge remains to be seen...