The production and sale of electrified cars are becoming common practice, especially among carmakers based in Europe. According to Mazda, however, internal-combustion engines still have many fans.

Based on research that the European arm of the Japanese manufacturer conducted alongside Ipsos MORI, almost 60% of European drivers see a positive future for petrol and diesel cars. More than 11 000 thousand people across 11 European countries were surveyed.

In addition, 31% of those drivers believe contentious diesel cars should continue to exist and 54% stated that, even if the running costs of petrol/diesel cars were the same as (currently pricier) electric cars, they would still opt for the former. Interestingly, the research found 33% of drivers would welcome self-driving cars.

Mazda conducted the research as part of its Zoom-Zoom 2030 programme, under which the development of its new sparkless SkyActiv petrol engine and safety and driver-focused tech falls.

Mazda Motor Europe’s president and CEO, Jeff Guyton, says: “The research findings are fascinating. The whole basis of our long-running Drive Together campaign is to celebrate the sheer joy of driving, and it appears that European drivers see a long road ahead for the internal combustion engine – we are working hard to make that road an even better experience for drivers everywhere.”