Peugeot’s global CEO says he plans on launching a performance version of every single model in the French firm’s line-up.

Jean-Phillipe Imparato suggested to Auto Express an entire range of sporty new variants was on the cards.

“With each and every car – starting with 508 – I’m aiming to put as an umbrella a performance/sporting version of the car. We will launch at the beginning of 2021 with the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered to send a message to the market,” he said.

Don’t expect the return of the GTi badge, however, with a high-ranking executive having confirmed in September 2020 the company had ditched the moniker, bluntly stating “it is not the future”.

Imparato, though, suggested the majority of the planned performance variants would feature some sort of electrification.

“It puts something on top of our range that sends a message to the world that we don’t want the EV [electric vehicle] transition to be boring; we want to have fun even if we have CO2 below 50 grams [per kilometre].

“It fits at the same time the upmarket move and the message that we want to bring on electrification. My target is an upmarket move for Peugeot. In 2020, we sold 32 percent of all cars at the maximum GT-Line and GT levels. It feeds the upmarket move of the brand.”

Imparato further revealed he wanted to “have a big launch each and every year in each and every region”.