Porsche specialist Paul Stephens has revealed its limited Le Mans Classic Clubsport, which is based on a restored Porsche 911 (901) body tub. The bespoke classic will be available in different specifications and features a modern air-cooled boxer engine.

The Le Mans Classic Clubsport will feature a lightweight de-seamed roof panel, composite bumpers and engine cover, an aluminium bonnet, lightweight soundproofing and a pair of aerodynamically designed (yes, lightweight) door mirrors.

The unique model will also be available in Touring spec, in addition to being offered as a simplified, "rawer" Lightweight variant. The engine in each model will be the same, though: an air-cooled 3,4-litre flat-six featuring a new cross-shaft, a programmable ECU, RS-spec camshafts and several lightweight engine components.

This will deliver 224 kW to the rear wheels via a Getrag-sourced G50 gearbox and limited-slip differential. Combined with a claimed 970 kg kerb weight in Lightweight guise, the Le Mans Classic Clubsport is expected to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just over 4,4 seconds and boast a top speed of 282 km/h. The Clubsport variant, meanwhile, will weigh in at about 1 075 kg.

Inside the Le Mans Classic Clubsport, you’ll find a pair of ST-style touring seats upholstered in black leather, complete with green, black and white "Le Mans Classic" houndstooth inserts. There will also be hand-stitched leather interior panels and houndstooth door pockets, along with green boucle floor mats and aluminium foot plates.

Le Mans Classic green door pulls, seat belts and bespoke dials, with a 24-hour clock adding a memorable finishing touch, will also be included. Finally, each model will come with a Le Mans Classic luggage set and hand-painted Le Mans Classic bodywork detailing.

The Lightweight variant, though, does without some of the above, instead gaining lightweight carpets, less soundproofing, Lexan rear windows, manually operated front windows, no central locking, and no-tilt adjustment for the seating. Even the glove compartment door and passenger-side sun visor have been removed.

Just ten of these special Le Mans Classic Clubsports will be built, each with a starting price of £250 000 (that's about R4,5-million)...