Lamborghini has a history of making rear-wheel-drive variants of its smaller supercars (think Gallardo and Huracán), but the likes of the Murciélago and Aventador haven't been given this treatment. Why? Well, according to the brand's chief engineer, Maurizio Reggiani, the result would be too much of a handful...

“It’s something we don’t want to have,” Reggiani said in response to’s question about the possibility of a rear-wheel-drive Aventador.

“The four-wheel-drive system is the most safe and performance system we can have in their car,” he added.

Even though there are some serious power outputs coming from rear-wheel-drive cars such as the LaFerrari, Koenigsegg Regera and McLaren P1, Reggiani insists that it would not be a rewarding experience in an Aventador, further saying “the traction control would be so invasive” that “you would have a lot of customers disappointed because the system cuts in too much”.