Ford says an all-electric Mustang is inevitable

Following the unveiling of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E, chief engineer Ron Heiser has revealed than an all-electric variant of the iconic muscle car is inevitable.

According to, while the next-generation Mustang (due in 2021) will be available as a hybrid electric, a fully electric variant sharing the same platform as the Mach-E is now also on the cards. 

“I think if you look out in the future – who knows what timeframe that is – the market is eventually going to roll over to EVs,” said Ron Heiser, chief engineer of the Mach-E.

He also confirmed the new platform will underpin several future models, not all of which will wear the iconic Mustang moniker.

“It doesn’t need to have a Mustang name on it, but we chose the first vehicle on this platform to be a Mustang,” said Heiser.

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