A Toyota executive in Australia has suggested the brand is “building a business case” for a right-hand-drive version of the Tundra bakkie.

The full-size pick-up is currently built in Texas in left-hand-drive form only. A new-generation model is expected to hit the North American market towards the end of 2021.

But Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia’s sales and marketing chief, suggested to motoring.com.au the company is working on a business case to create a right-hand-drive version.

“Are we studying that [full-size pick-up] market continuously? Yes, we are. Have we confirmed we are bringing that model to market? No, we haven’t,” he said.

“We are on record as saying we continue to review that market segment. We have seen that market segment grow in recent years.

“For us, at Toyota, it’s about building a business case that works for Toyota. We don’t have any announcements today, but one thing about Toyota, when we bring something to market we study it and we get it right.

“We will look at that market carefully, we will continue to study it; we continue to look at business cases, whether we can make it work. Believe me, if indeed at some stage we can make it work, we will do it right,” he told the publication.

In North America, the Tundra slots in at the summit of Toyota's pick-up range, above the Tacoma (which is similar in size to the Hilux).