Wait, what? Mercedes-Benz GLA and GLB get virtual Maybach treatment…

A digital artist has imagined two highly unlikely new crossovers, rendering the new Mercedes-Benz GLA and GLB in full-fat Mercedes-Maybach garb.

Russian graphic designer Aksyonov Nikita created the renderings, clearly drawing inspiration from the Mercedes-Maybach GLS revealed in China in November 2019.

Nikita gave each of the fresh-faced compact crossovers a bunch of styling cues first seen on the aforementioned Maybach-badged GLS, including a distinctive grille, a new lower air-dam arrangement and plenty of extra chrome inserts.

The rear-end design of the rendered GLA and GLB models also mimics that of the brand’s fanciest GLS, while larger alloys and Maybach badges for the C-pillars have been added, too.

Of course, the chances of Maybach extending its reach into the lower echelons of the Stuttgart-based firm’s burgeoning crossover line-up are virtually zero. But it’s still fun to imagine, isn’t it?

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