A fresh report out of Australia suggests that the four-cylinder version of the facelifted Ford Mustang expected to arrive in South Africa in 2019 will be down on power compared with the current model.

Speaking to GoAuto, Carl Widmann, the Mustang’s chief engineer, confirmed that the 2,3-litre, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine had lost nine kilowatts compared with the pre-facelift version, cutting its peak power output from 233 kW to 224 kW.

Widmann explained that this would be the case only with models destined for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, thanks to a unique exhaust system for these markets.

“The exhaust system is unique on Australian units, South Africa and New Zealand – it’s a unique system on EcoBoost – we basically do one test and one test only on homologation, and because we’re so happy, because the paperwork is so simple, we just submit that report,” Widmann told GoAuto.

“And so that’s why from the old ‘15, (which) was done on the old European process, that’s why the numbers are different, it’s the same horsepower, it’s just test-to-test variation,” he added.

However, he revealed that the turbocharged four-cylinder’s maximum torque had gained a few extra units, taking it to 441 N.m. The report added that the updated model was expected to better the outgoing version's claimed 0-100 km/h time of 5,8 seconds.

“On torque, what we did was we took the truncation out, so we upgraded the manual transmission in this model year … the 10-speed can now take more torque , and we added overboost,” Widmann said.

“Those combined mean we actually deliver more torque in actuality across the line-up, so everybody’s torque went up by a measurable amount.

“That particular engine tested a little bit lower than what we did in this great homologation strategy and that’s why the horsepower number is different, but the torque is more because the calibration actually changed.

“Engine hardware is all the same throughout all the model years, except we’ve upgraded bearings and some other things no one will notice, so that’s the real scoop on why that is.”

For the record, the V8 engine in the facelifted Mustang gains 33 kW and 26 N.m for fresh headline figures of 339 kW and 556 N.m.

So, when will the fresh-faced 'Stang arrive in South Africa? Well, in April 2018, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa told us that it was unable to provide timing for the local introduction of the updated version of the Mustang, although it has since confirmed that the launch will not take place in 2018.