Every now and then, a rumour emerges suggesting that a Ford Fiesta RS is the pipeline (the most recent courtesy of a report out of Australia). But Ford’s design director in Europe has now poured cold water on claims that the Blue Oval brand is planning a fresh performance flagship to sit above the new Fiesta ST.

Speaking to AutoRAI.nl, Amko Leenarts, design director for Ford of Europe, insisted that a Fiesta RS would be unnecessary.

"We see no reason to bring a more powerful Fiesta model above the ST", Leenarts told the Dutch publication.

"The performance of the new Fiesta ST is already such a high level that a more powerful model is not necessary," he added.

For the record, the new Fiesta ST’s turbo-triple produces 147 kW and 290 N.m, with the hot hatch featuring selectable drive modes (normal, sport and track). It will complete the obligatory dash from standstill to 100 km/h in a claimed 6,5 seconds (and top out at 232 km/h), making it four-tenths quicker than the outgoing 1,6-litre model. It’s also swifter than the DSG-equipped Volkswagen Polo GTI (6,7 seconds) and EDC-only Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy (6,6 seconds).

Ford will build the new Fiesta ST in both three- and five-door body styles, with a manual gearbox as standard (for now, at least). A launch control system developed “for use on track only” will be optional, as will a Quaife (mechanical) limited-slip differential.