Subaru Southern Africa says “a number of factors” will ultimately determine whether or not the new BRZ is offered locally.

Recently revealed in North America, the second-generation BRZ (again developed alongside the Toyota’s as-yet-unrevealed 86-badged equivalent) has upsized to a naturally aspirated 2,4-litre, flat-four petrol engine worth 170 kW and 249 N.m.

Nteo Nkoli, marketing and communications specialist at Subaru Southern Africa, told a possible local introduction of the BRZ “will be determined by a number of factors, such as pricing and the model’s viability in the market”.

As a reminder, the original BRZ was pulled from the South African market way back in September 2015, while Toyota’s GT86 has soldiered on and is still offered today.

Nkoli furthermore hinted Subaru SA might find it tough to compete with Toyota South Africa Motors in terms of pricing once the latter’s version of the new rear-driven sportscar hits the market.

“We therefore will consider bringing this model closer to the time once it’s made available for our market,” he said.

In North America, a six-speed manual gearbox will ship standard, while an automatic transmission with the same number of cogs (plus a new sport mode) will again be optional. A limited-slip rear differential is included in both cases.

Inside, you’ll find a fresh seven-inch digital instrument cluster and a centrally sited eight-inch touchscreen. Up front, there are “deeply contoured” bucket seats with red stitching, while the rear pews fold down to increase packing space.