Jaguar and Shell have gotten together to create a new app installed on the new infotainment system that will give drivers the power to pay for their fuel at Shell filling stations. This shouldn't be that much of a surprise when you consider how connected automotive infotainment systems have been becoming over the past few years.

This app will only be available on 2018 F-Pace, XE and XF in European markets with eventual plans for an international roll-out. Certain Land Rover models are also said to gain this feature.

Payment with this app will be done through a personal PayPal or Apple Pay account. The app also allows users to log their journeys and keep digital receipts of their transactions. These receipts will automatically be emailed to you.

This innovation is intended to be convenient for countries that require patrons to pay for their fuel inside the service station, unlike us who pay on the fore court. It's also there to save you from embarrassment if you somehow forget your card at home or are short on cash.

Pending on the success of the app, Jaguar-Land Rover will utilise this concept for other franchises such as parking lots and drive-through takeaway restaurants.