Jaguar Land Rover says that it is set to expand its powertrain family, adding a new four-cylinder petrol engine to its Ingenium range.

The British automaker says the new 2,0-litre mills are the "most advanced engines the company has ever developed", promising that they will deliver up to 25% more power than the (Ford-sourced) engines they replace and offer fuel consumption reductions of up to 15%.

The new Ingenium petrol engine features an electrohydraulic valvetrain, integrated exhaust manifold and twin-scroll turbocharger with ceramic ball bearing technology.

Since the engine is based on a common architecture, Jaguar Land Rover says it will deliver both "maximum flexibility and scaleability", essentially enabling a range of derivatives to be developed to suit applications "as diverse as sports saloons and luxury SUVs".

These Ingenium petrol engines have just gone into production and the brand says they will be available from 2017. Expect more information, including power figures, later this week.

Jaguar Land Rover has furthermore announced the development of what it calls a "revolutionary advanced automatic transmission" that will improve the efficiency of future vehicles and expand their all-wheel drive capability.

The research project (dubbed "Transcend") uses an ultra-wide ratio spread (20:1) that integrates low-range gearbox, dual-clutch and hybrid technologies to deliver "new levels of off-road performance and fuel economy improvements of nearly 10%".

Weighing around 20kg less than existing eight-speed automatics, Jaguar Land Rover says the new transmission could be used in both longitudinal rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles.