Mitsubishi reveals new Emirai xS Drive concept interior with human-machine interface

Mitsubishi Electric has taken the covers off its Emirai xS Drive interior concept which adopts the latest sensing technology and human-machine interface. With this design, the Japanese manufacturer wants to promote safe and secure movement with comfortable communication both inside and out.

The Mitsubishi Emirai xS Drive cabin concept was first unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show under the “movement to the joy of living” theme. To support safe and secure movement, the environment incorporates a non-contact measurement of the driver’s pulse with a near-infrared camera using face tracking technology.  This is cultivated current driver monitoring systems.

By combining the pulse measurement with the body surface temperature suing a sensor, the Emirai S cabin can more accurately detect fatigue, drowsiness and sudden changes in physical condition during driving. To intervene in any possible disastrous incidents, it will initiate secure movements via features such as the automatic parking system.

The human-machine interface aims to provide comfort and communication both inside and out via combining video and audio information to distinguish which person in the cabin is speaking. Thereafter, only once requested by Emirai xS Drive, additional audio support is provided for “comfortable communication”.

The system also achieves a high visibility and operability by combining a wide crossing display that shows images with a sense of floating and depth and a ring knob-on display that provides multiple functions through simple operations.

Article written by

Nikesh Kooverjee

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