Good news! You can now order a titanium exhaust for your R32, 33 or 34 GT-R direct from Nissan

Nissan understands that some of its R32, 33 and 34 GT-R owners don’t really like keeping their cars stock standard so it has decided to introduce a new aftermarket retrofit part. Developed by Nismo, the new titanium exhaust system promises enhanced performance and a lower mass.

As detailed by Car Watch, the new part is available for the three generations of the RB26DETT powered cars. The NE-1 part includes a metal catalyst that is integrated into the front pipe with a central silencer and main muffler. A set of mounting accessories, an exhaust gas test report card and a warranty card are included.

The NE-1 titanium exhaust is made entirely of titanium alloy and boasts a reduced exhaust pressure which improves the performance output by seven per cent. Furthermore, the exhaust finished shows off a diamond-like carbon coating which provides it a characterful black design. The colour change under exhaust heat has also been reduced.

Nissan says the NE-1 part is not recommended for GT-R models running a stage one or two engine tuning due to the load on the turbine. Overall, the system weighs in at 12,7 kg for the R32 and 15,3 for the R33 and R34.

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Nikesh Kooverjee

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