This is what Ford could end up calling its ‘baby Bronco’…

Ford has filed to trademark the “Bronco Scout” name in the United States, leading to speculation the badge could be used on the upcoming SUV so far referred to only as the “baby Bronco”.

Uncovered by the studious folks over at AutoVerdict, the application was made with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on 15 April 2019. Interestingly, the firm also applied to trademark the “Scout” badge on the same date.

The Blue Oval brand wants to use the “Bronco Scout” badge on “land motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks [and] sport utility vehicles” as well as various automotive parts, from shock absorbers to engine valve covers.

Regardless of what badge it ends up wearing, the boxy “baby Bronco” will slot in below the full-size (body-on-frame) Bronco and share its (unibody) platform with the new Kuga.

In November 2018, a report out of Australia suggested Ford could use either the Puma badge or the Maverick nameplate on the “baby Bronco”, but we now know the former will be applied to a fresh-faced crossover already teased in Europe…

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