Toyota promises new Land Cruiser 300 will be ‘exciting and capable’…

A Toyota executive has promised the new Land Cruiser 300 will be both “exciting and capable” despite the rumoured move away from V8 power.

Speaking to, Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia vice president of sales and marketing, said the outgoing Land Cruiser 200 was still popular.

“It may be getting long in the tooth, but I can tell you, it’s holding its sales rate. It’s a brilliant car, it has a huge market, and we have a very loyal Land Cruiser base,” he told the publication.

“I can tell you whatever we bring in the future will be exciting and capable,” Hanley added.

A report from June 2019 suggested the next-generation Land Cruiser would ditch its V8 engine (echoing a similar rumour coming out of Japan back in February 2019), claiming it would instead draw its urge from V6 turbodiesel and turbopetrol units, with a hybrid powertrain also on the cards.

Hanley confirmed the Land Cruiser – like the Hilux – was indeed in line for “some type of electrification” in the future.

“It’s a really important car to our line-up, so you can be sure it’ll be capable. I think our loyal owner base will be very pleased,” he said.

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