This special Porsche 911 built by DP Motorsports was commissioned by a Berlin-based client to pay homage to the classic Porsche 356.

Said client actually possesses a 356 C convertible, which he restored mostly by himself. To complement this classic, he asked DP Motorsport to “backdate” a 911 Speedster to appear less modern.

Based on a 1989 Targa 3,2, the initial conversion to a Speedster was performed in California some 30 years ago, before the model made its way to Germany. DP Motorsport then applied an F-Model dp11F Carrera widebody kit to give it more of a purposeful stance. The front bumper and side sills have furthermore been lowered slightly to give it a cleaner look.

The ride height has also been adjusted downwards, with the tuner shifting the torsion bars and adding H&R spacers. The two-pipe rear mufflers have been adapted to fit the rear bumper, while the body was finished in Nardo grey paint.

DP Motorsport says it plans to refine the 911 Speedster further by installing a KW clubsport thread chassis and Superpro PU-bearings for the axles. This will be accompanied by a bump in power from 160 kW to 191 kW thanks to a set of Schrick camshafts, a larger throttle valve and a new exhaust manifold. The 205/55 R16 front and 245/45 R16 rear Continental Sport Contact tyres will remain.