If the F90-generation BMW M5 isn't quite powerful enough for you, there's always the M5 Competition. Or, you know, you could turn to German tuner Manhart, which has given the high-performance sedan even more oomph. Meet the Manhart MH5 700.

Manhart has taken the standard M5 and fitted an MHtronik ECU, pushing the peak outputs of the twin-turbo 4,4-litre V8 up from the stock 441 kW and 750 N.m to a whopping 531 kW and 870 N.m (the M5 Competition, remember, makes 460 kW). While the firm hasn't quoted the modified M5's 0-100 km/h time nor its top speed, it does claim that it’ll do 100-200 km/h in a mere 5,9 seconds.

The tuner has furthermore added a stainless steel exhaust system with carbon-fibre tips, resulting in a far more aggressive soundtrack than standard (listen to the tuned M5 in the two clips embedded below).

In a bid to improve handling, the MH5 700 has been fitted with a set of KW coilover springs, dropping ride height by some 20 mm. A set of 21-inch Manhart Concave One alloy wheels to match the black-and-gold body colour scheme is also included.

Additionally, Manhart offers a carbon-fibre body kit that includes a front spoiler, rear diffuser and boot lid spoiler. Inside, the MH5 700 features a special set of floor mats (with Manhart branding) as well as a rebranded steering wheel.