The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is a gut-punching performance SUV in standard form, but the tuners over at GME has decided to provide the WK2 model with yet more power.

Thanks to a hefty supercharger delivering 0,5 bar of pressure, the Grand Cherokee SRT's 6,4-litre V8 now delivers 456 kW and 756 N.m of torque. That’s up from the standard 344 kW and 624 N.m of torque. The result is a claimed 0-100 km/h time of in 3,9 seconds (Jeep claims 5,0 seconds for the standard model) and a top speed of 290 km/h.

To handle this extra power, GME has also fitted a larger intercooler, optimised the fuel injection and adapted the engine electronics. The supercharger itself has been placed between the cylinder banks and, thanks to its capacity, GME says it is able to "force" the V8 to breathe even at low engine speeds.

The update also includes a custom-made exhaust system complete with a controllable flap. The dual-pipe sports exhaust system comes with an X-pipe and 114 mm tailpipes (which can be optionally finished in carbon-fibre).

To cope with the extra grunt, the German tuner has also upgraded stopping power. A eight-piston braking system with 400 mm discs finds its way on to the front axle, while the rear has been fitted with a four-piston arrangement with 356 mm discs.

Additionally, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT gains a set of 22-inch forged alloy wheels as well as an electronically adjustable Bilstein suspension set-up with sports springs that lowers the front by 15 mm and the rear by 30 mm.

All in, this package will set you back €94 500 (around R1,5-million). GME has also confirmed that it is working on 625 kW and 735 kW variants of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

Still, if you want something similar but straight from Jeep instead of a tuner, the 527 kW SA-bound Trackhawk will likely be your best option...