Production of the Volkswagen Golf 8 will officially commence in June 2019, and a fresh report out of Germany suggests that the upcoming version of the brand’s C-segment hatchback will boast a dual-screen cockpit to rival that of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

The folks over at Auto Bild, who have made a habit of correctly predicting what’s going on behind closed doors in Wolfsburg (perhaps with a little inside knowledge), report that the eighth-generation Golf will employ a pair of large screens and very few physical buttons.

Interestingly, as can be seen in the German publication’s video below, the vast majority of traditional physical controls look set to be scrapped in favour of a touchscreen arrangement sited alongside a new version of VW’s active info display.

While the widescreen cockpit in the new A-Class appears as one large unit and sits proud of the facia, Auto Bild’s prediction for the Golf sees the digital instrument cluster topped by a traditional cowling and the separate central screen positioned at a slightly different angle. In short, the rendering in the video below draws inspiration from the facia of the new Touareg.

The video also suggests that the Volkswagen Golf 8 will feature touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel, again borrowing an idea from the new A-Class (which itself inherited the technology from the E- and S-Class models). A comprehensive voice-control system and a new head-up display are also expected to be included.

Watch Auto Bild’s video below to have a closer look at the sort of cabin the Golf 8 is expected to feature…