A fresh report out of the United Kingdom suggests that the Volkswagen Golf R is set to receive a slight power downgrade thanks to technical tweaks required for the hot hatch to meet upcoming new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) regulations.

According to Autocar, VW has effectively been forced to cut the peak power output of the Golf R’s turbocharged 2,0-litre four-cylinder engine from the current 228 kW to 221 kW.

“In the context of new homologations, there are adaptions for the exhaust gas treatment and for the power output. From now on, all Golf R models will feature a 300 PS engine,” a spokesperson for the Wolfsburg-based brand told the British publication.

Although VW did not reveal exactly what sort of technical changes had forced the decrease in output, Autocar speculated that the fitment of a “more restrictive exhaust system” (in a bid to cut NO2 emissions) played a role.

Of course, here in South Africa, VW’s all-wheel-drive hot hatch is already offered in detuned form (ostensibly due to our warm climate), churning out 213 kW. While it remains to be seen what impact the WLTP will have on the locally offered Golf R, we have posed the question to Volkswagen SA and will update this story once we receive feedback.