Volkswagen Golf R400: exec says ‘customers don’t want it’

By: CAR magazine

The head of the Volkswagen R division says the high-powered Golf R400 concept didn’t ever make it into production because “customers don’t want it”.

Speaking to Top Gear UK, VW R boss Jost Capito said the Wolfsburg-based firm’s research showed there was no demand for the extreme Golf R, particularly once price had been factored in.

“We did research and customers don’t want it. They want around 300 horsepower and a price-tag below €50 000 . To move up to 400 horsepower you lose 50 percent of the sales volume and increase the cost of ownership,” Capito said.

The Golf R400 was expected to go into production back in 2016 after being unveiled in concept form at the Beijing Motor Show in 2014.

The British publication also spoke to Jürgen Stackmann, VW’s member of the board responsible for sales, marketing and after sales, who added the upcoming Golf 8 R would remain the “crown jewel of performance in a Golf”.

“The performance king will remain a Golf R, and the Golf 8 R is going to be fantastic,” Stackmann said.

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