German prosecutors have issued an administrative order against the Volkswagen Group providing for a fine of €1-billion (that's nearly R16-billion at the current exchange rate) as the diesel emissions scandal, which hit headlines back in September 2015, rolls on.

In a statement, the VW Group said that it accepted the fine – which consists of the maximum penalty as legally provided for of €5-million plus the “disgorgement of economic benefits” in the amount of €995-million – following “thorough examination” and confirmed that it would not lodge an appeal against it.

The automaker added that in accepting the fine it “admits its responsibility for the diesel crisis and considers this as a further major step towards the latter being overcome”.

According to the findings of the investigation carried out by the Braunschweig public prosecutor, monitoring duties had been breached in the powertrain development department in the context of vehicle tests.

“As a result of the administrative order imposing the fine, the active regulatory offence proceedings conducted against Volkswagen will be finally terminated,” VW said in its statement.

“Volkswagen assumes that such termination of the proceedings will also have significant positive effects on further active administrative proceedings in Europe against the Volkswagen AG and its subsidiaries,” it added.