Back in February 2018, we reported on an American car enthusiast who visited South Africa to buy a two-tone 1991 Volkswagen Citi Golf, fix it up and drop in a VR6 engine. And now that very car has starred at the annual GTI Meeting at Wörthersee.

Jamie Orr equipped the blue-and-white Citi Golf with a 225 kW 3,6-litre VR6 engine from the US, also adding a Golf 4 VR5 transmission with a limited slip differential, as well as a lightweight billet flywheel and clutch setup.

Orr told that he wanted to keep the SA-built model as original as possible – in terms of looks, anyway.
Volkswagen Citi Golf at Wörthersee

“It was simply unbelievable. Volkswagen South Africa invited me to their central parts store that normal people never get to see. I ordered the genuine parts from there – for example, the rear lid and the bonnet,” he told the publication.

“The on-site support provided by Volkswagen South Africa and by tuning enthusiasts was breath-taking. Over thirty people – even entire families – helped to convert this car in an extremely short timeframe,” he added.

“Look, I’ve been lucky enough in life that I can do exactly this here. I want to show off my passion to the world with my international work on special cars and above all with people who share my passion – and bring people together in the process.”