A Volkswagen Golf R driver reportedly clocked at 219 km/h was one of five people arrested for speeding in Gauteng in the traffic police’s latest operation.

The provincial traffic police’s high-speed unit says it nabbed the 26-year-old driver of the blue, seventh-generation VW Golf R travelling almost 100 km/h above the 120 km/h limit on the N1.

Separately, the 27-year-old driver of a white Mercedes-Benz X-Class bakkie was reportedly clocked at 191 km/h on the R21, also in a 120 km/h zone.

The Gauteng traffic police said a further three drivers were arrested, too, after being nabbed at 191 km/h on the N4, 177 km/h on the R21 and 166 km/h on the N1.

The five people arrested will likely face charges of reckless driving and exceeding the speed limit.