Volkswagen South Africa recently took the decision to remove the slow-selling Golf SV from its local line-up, after doing the same with the Touran back in late 2016.

And now – despite the Golf SV (pictured below) last month benefiting from a facelift in Europe – a new report out of Germany suggests that the Wolfsburg automaker has plans to scrap both models and replace them with something called the Variosport.

According to AutoBild, the new Variosport will hit the market in about three years from now, boasting three rows of seats (and thus space for seven occupants) and a coupé-like sloping roofline. Its arrival, says the report, will spell the end of both the Touran and the Golf SV.

The German publication claims that the second row will furthermore boast swivelling seats along with individual infotainment screens, although the report adds that the Variosport will eschew sliding rear doors.

Power, meanwhile, is expected to come from a range of familiar four-cylinder engines, each featuring a mild hybrid function thanks to the Volkswagen Group's 48-volt system.

Volkswagen Golf SV