Recent reports out of the United Kingdom suggested that Porsche had ended production of every one of its diesel models, seemingly ditching the oil-burner in favour of petrol and electrification. But now the Stuttgart-based automaker has attempted to clarify its diesel plans.

"Currently, the demand for diesel models is falling, whereas interest in petrol and hybrid models is increasing significantly," Porsche said, according to Car and Driver.

"In light of these facts, Porsche has adapted its product planning. This decision means that Porsche currently does not offer any vehicles with diesel engines.

"However, it does not mean a diesel exit at Porsche. As announced, the new Cayenne is set to feature a diesel powertrain. The exact time of the market launch is not yet clear," the statement added, confirming that a diesel-powered version of the third-generation Cayenne is indeed in the works.

The initial report, of course, likewise confirmed that Porsche had opted not to re-engineer its Macan S Diesel to conform to the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) standards, following a path laid by BMW, which will reportedly prematurely end production of its F80-generation M3 for the same reason.