Ever wanted a bulletproof classic Volkswagen Beetle? Yes, such a thing exists ... and it's up for sale.

In the late 1970s, citizens of Italy had a serious problem, with kidnapping threats proving common. And that's why the original owner of this Beetle had it suitably modified.

Yes, the owner had a range of anti-hijacking measures applied to the Beetle, along with comprehensive (for the time) bulletproofing. These upgrades were applied by a specialist shop in Italy. The car was used as a daily driver until 1984.

The Beetle’s doors, bonnet and boot were fitted with 30 mm steel plates, while the doors gained special safety bolts preventing them from being opened from the outside. The standard windows, meanwhile, were exchanged for bulletproof glass.

Thanks to these modifications, some 300 kg has been added. Despite this, the standard 1,2-litre engine remains.

Some 45 years later, the bulletproof Beetle (with just over 45 000 km on the clock) is looking for a new home. Since then, it has received a paint job in its original colour, with all of the safety gadgets intact.

The official auction took place on 26 December 2020, but with a highest bid of €21 500 (approximately R395 000), it failed to reach its reserve price. Still, the vehicle remains up for sale...