The folks over at Spanish publication km77 have been particularly busy, recently putting the likes of the BMW X2, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Mercedes-Benz X-Class through the infamous Moose Test. The latest model to undergo the extreme handling evaluation? None other than the new Audi A7 Sportback.

In the video below, the luxury five-door – which is scheduled to arrive in South Africa in the third quarter of 2018 – is subjected to one of the toughest handling tests out there, which is designed to simulate an animal suddenly running in front of a moving vehicle.

As we’ve pointed out before, though, whereas the Swedes usually perform the evaluation at about 60 km/h (remember the Hilux's evaluation?), this test from the Spaniards is conducted at slightly higher speeds.

Watch the video below and you’ll see the A7 Sportback (in this case in 50 TDI guise and running on 20-inch alloys wrapped in 255/40 R20 Pirelli P Zero rubber) being put through the test first at 75 km/h, then at 76 km/h, then 77 km/h and finally at 78 km/h.

The publication reported that the A7 Sportback’s reactions were “good”, but added that the 3,0-litre V6 turbodiesel test unit it used was fitted with optional air suspension, variable dampers and rear-wheel steering.

Watch the clip below, which includes a slalom test, to see just how Ingolstadt's A7 performed (take note that the commentary is in Spanish)...