Watch second-gen Mercedes-Benz CLA fall short in “Moose Test”

The folks over at Spanish publication km77 have put the latest Mercedes-Benz CLA through the dreaded Moose Test, with the second-generation version of the sleek four-door failing to impress.

In the video below, the front-driven CLA200 – wearing 19-inch alloys wrapped in Bridgestone Turanza T005 rubber in 225/40 size – is subjected to one of the toughest handling tests out there, designed to simulate an animal suddenly running in front of a moving vehicle.

As we’ve pointed out before, whereas the Swedes usually perform the evaluation at about 60 km/h, this test from the Spaniards is conducted at higher speeds.

The CLA200 was put through the test first at the standard 77 km/h, with the publicationsaying it was “very difficult to achieve a successful attempt” despite “predictable” body movements and an electronic stability control that “came into action subtly”.

Eventually, after “many attempts and three different drivers”, km77’s best successful effort with the CLA was at an entrance speed of 66 km/h, which it described as a “very low result”. The testers complained of a lack of grip at the front axle with plenty of understeer.

Watch the video below, which includes a slalom test (in which the German car fared far better), to see just how the CLA performed. Take note that the commentary is in Spanish, but has the option of English subtitles…

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Ryan Bubear

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