Not too long ago, we shared a video of the new BMW X2 (in front-wheel-drive form) being subjected to the controversial "Moose Test". And now the Volkswagen Golf GTI has also undergone this extreme handling evaluation.

Yes, the folks over at km77 have turned their attention to the facelifted Golf GTI, putting the hot hatch through one of the toughest handling tests, which is designed to simulate an animal suddenly running in front of a moving vehicle.

As we pointed out in that X2 story, though, whereas the Swedes usually perform the evaluation at about 60 km/h, this test from the Spaniards is conducted at slightly higher speeds.

Watch the video above and you’ll see the Golf GTI (in this case in manual and running on 19-inch alloys wrapped in 225/35 R19 rubber) being put through the test first at 73 km/h, then at 75 km/h and finally at 77 km/h (although it failed to complete the manoeuvre at the latter speed).

Interestingly, and as can been seen above, km77 reported that the Golf GTI “reacted abruptly” to steering inputs, with the second movement of the steering wheel prompting significant oversteer.

The Spanish publication speculated that this “may be because the stability control intervenes very little during the manoeuvre, something that seems corroborated because the car does not lose much speed during the exercise”.

Watch the clip above (take note that the commentary is in Spanish)...