Volkswagen says its new 1,5 TSI ACT BlueMotion engine offers “diesel-like fuel economy” thanks to its active cylinder management system and micro-hybrid coasting mode (the latter courtesy of a 12-volt electrical system architecture and lithium-ion battery). So, why isn’t this new powerplant coming to South Africa?

Well, Volkswagen SA says that although it has already introduced active cylinder management in some Tiguan models, it “will not further pursue this technology” locally since South African customers “prefer immediate punch over economy”.

In addition, the local arm of the Wolfsburg-based automaker says the BlueMotion engine employs a petrol particulate filter (presumably to comply with the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) which “does not go well with 95 octane” fuel used here in South Africa.

The new 1,5 TSI ACT BlueMotion engine makes 96 kW and 200 N.m in the Golf in Europe, sipping at a claimed 4,8 L/100 km. The turbocharged four-cylinder's peak twisting force is on tap from just 1 400 r/min through to 4 000 r/min.

At speeds of up to 130 km/h, working in combination with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the engine completely cuts out whenever the driver lifts off the accelerator, thus effectively entering a “coasting” mode. A compact lithium-ion battery simultaneously supplies power to the electrical equipment, such as windscreen wipers, headlamps and audio system.

The new unit joins the 110 kW 1,5-litre TSI Evo powerplant that is offered in some overseas markets (but also not available in South Africa).

Volkswagen Golf 1,5 TSI ACT BlueMotion