For those who are unfamiliar, the Anki OVERDRIVE is a new-age robotic slot car racing system, just without the slots. The cars (Supercars) are controlled via the user's smartphone much like traditional RC cars, but only remain active while on the track pad. Supercars are equipped with various weapons in order to replicate the "Death Race" experience as they race to the finish line.

Anki has just revealed its Supertrucks expansion kit, which features the X52 and the Freewheel, both of which come with two new unique weapons and an entirely new game mode. The Supertrucks are three times larger than the Supercars and are slightly slower as a result, but they are a lot more menacing on the track as they make use of an offensive advantage.

The new weapons include the X52's pulse ram, which sends opponents off the track, and the Freewheel's gravity trap, which deactivates control for a short moment.

The new takeover game mode can be used among friends or the system's AI in which players making use of the Supercars must attempt to break through the Supertrucks' defence and take direct control until they have been knocked off the Supertruck throne.

The Supertrucks will cost $10 (R150) more than the Supercars and will be available from this October.

If you're interested in starting your own Anki OVERDRIVE collection in the meantime, you can purchase kits here or here.