When we first saw the Aston Martin Valkyrie it was pretty clear that its main focus was to go fast around a racetrack. But now Aston Martin has taken its hypercar to the next level, giving it the AMR Pro work-over even though the road-going model has yet to be delivered to owners.

The British brand says the result is a vehicle with the performance capabilities of a current Le Mans LMP1 prototype or Formula One car.

While the automaker has not revealed much about its new car, we do know is that it weighs in at 1 000 kg and can produce downforce in excess of its own mass (and lateral acceleration in excess of 3G). This has been achieved by increasing its width and adding new wings to the front and rear.

Overall mass has been decreased by means of a lighter carbon-fibre body and the removal of the heating and infotainment systems. There are also lighter polycarbonate windows, carbon-fibre suspension components and a slimmed-down exhaust system.

As for the drivetrain, the Valkyrie AMR Pro retains the 6,5-litre V12 Cosworth engine and recovery system, but with some choice tweaks. While the specifics will be revealed at a later stage, Aston Martin does say that this model will push out more than 820 kW. The result is a top speed of some 362 km/h.

Just 25 Valkyrie AMR Pro units will be produced. And there’s little point asking how much each will cost because they’ve all already been sold...