Forza Horizon 4 has been revealed ... and it's set in the United Kingdom. The new game boasts a few subtle enhancements over the third edition, including a unique "season engine" and a shared world experience. Proudly posted on the cover is a British representative in the form of the McLaren Senna, which will feature alongside more than 450 other cars.

Other updates to Forza Horizon 4 include the addition of a change-of-season element, which sees the game cycle through spring, summer, autumn and winter. This does more than merely change the appearance and road surface, according to Playground Games; the change of season will also give drivers the opportunity to reach different via frozen lakes.

The Forza Horizon 4 map can now also be shared with other players in real-time, meaning the game can be permanently multiplayer. This was possible in Forza Horizon before, but usually that required players to load out of their single-player game. This revision allows players to activate the mode without having to switch, instead just selecting an option.

There’s also a new route creator that allows drivers to create their own races. This was previously sampled as the "custom bucket list" in Forza Horizon 3, but the routes weren’t as customisable. Interestingly, drivers will also have the option of buying property in the game, which is said to unlock different items and gameplay perks.

Forza Horizon 4 arrives on the 2 October 2018 and will be available as a standard, deluxe or ultimate edition on PC and Xbox One. If you don’t feel like forking out too much money, you can also access it through the Xbox Game Pass on release day.