Although it’s one of the oldest performance cars being produced, Nissan's Nismo GT-R is still a fairly competitive machine on the track. And now the Japanese company has prepped the GT3 racer for yet another season.

The 2018 model doesn’t stray too far from its predecessor. Instead, it’s been revised with updates based on feedback from customers who raced the 2015 model. As a result, both the weight distribution and centre of gravity have been improved by moving the 3,8-litre VR38DETT (which makes more than 405 kW) some 150 mm back.

In addition, the front and rear suspension and cross members have been redesigned to improve the GT-R’s handling. The six-piston front and four-piston rear ventilated disc brakes have also been upgraded for increased durability and reliability. And to combat fatigue in hot conditions, the vehicle has been fitted with air-conditioning.

Excluding tax, the GT3 Nismo GT-R will set you back ¥60 000 000 (that's around R7-million). Nismo will also provide spare parts depending on what category you will be participating in.