In June 2018, Volkswagen in the United States revealed a special Jetta that is set to attempt a speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in August. Now, ahead of the vehicle’s run, the brand has revealed the EA888's ballpark power output.

According to VW, the “specially prepared but near-production version” of the Jetta will employ a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine from the familiar EA888 engine family, tuned to deliver “significantly more than” 367 kW.

When attempting to break the land speed record in the BGC/G class of the Southern California Timing Association on Lake Bonneville, the TSI engine will have to accelerate the modified Jetta to at least 335,5 km/h.

VW says the record-attempting car is “very light” since the interior comprises little more than controls for driving, a bucket seat with racing belts and a roll cage. It will furthermore be fitted with special salt flats wheels and tyres, a limited slip differential and two brake parachutes at the rear.

Of course, VW has experience in this field, with its 400 kW Beetle LSR (also powered by an EA888 engine) having reached a speed of 330,11 km/h on Lake Bonneville in 2016.