We've been closely following the development of the New Stratos since the inception of the project by Michael Stoschek and his son to reincarnate the iconic Lancia Stratos from the 1970s.

The new version's specs make for mouth-watering reading. It's based on a shortened (by 200 mm) version of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia chassis and features the same 4,3-litre V8 engine producing 397 kW. Combined with a dry mass of 1 247 kg, it boasts an impressive power-to-mass ratio of 317 kW a tonne. Its mass-saving (and improved performance) over the Scuderia is partly thanks to extensive use of carbon-fibre.

The video – which is unfortunately in German – explains the birth, development and launch of the New Stratos, as well as clips of the original Lancia Stratos driven in anger during competitive racing. Yum!