You have to give respect where it is due, and Morgan Motor Company is a prime example.

Not only is it still an independent car company, but every year it pumps out at least one new impressive car, design or concept. Take into account the small operation Morgan is – around 160 employees – and this is definitely impressive.

This brings us to its new 3 Wheeler that has just been revealed ahead of this year's Geneva Motor Show. Obviously this is not a new concept and a couple of car companies have manufactured three-wheeled cars at the beginning of automotive history, and even much later on. The new 3 Wheeler is an hommage to the original 3 Wheelers Morgan founder H.F.S. Morgan built at the beginning of the previous century, and its appearance at this year's Geneva Motor Show coincides with the centenary of Morgan showing off its first 3 wheeler model at the 1911 Olympia Motor Exhibition.

Much like the original, the new 3 Wheeler sports a bullet-shaped body, while the exposed chassis and aluminium tub are accompanied by the aeroplane profile. The inside is generously trimmed in leather while two roll-over hoops can be found behind each occupant for added safety.

Like the orignal, the V-twin engine is exposed up front. The new V-Twin unit is built by specialist S & S and develops 86 kW while, according to Morgan, there is enough torque to give effortless hillclimbing ability. Connected to this engine is a Mazda 5-speed manual gearbox with the shiny leather clad gearlever rising from the transmission tunnel.

Apart from Morgan’s history of building 3 Wheelers, its aim to reduce CO2 emission was also one of the main reasons: “The current focus of the Morgan Motor Company to cut CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption is very much part of the rationale behind the launch of this car. The time is right for Morgan to take a new look at the combination of acceleration, on road performance and economy. The time is right for Morgan to relaunch the 3 Wheeler.”

In the UK this Morgan will cost the equivalent of R285 000.

If you can’t think of any other reason to visit Wales, you just found the perfect excuse.

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