WATCH: Toyota GR Yaris sends impatient Land Rover Discovery Sport flying

By: Nikesh Kooverjee

We know that certain Toyota products have the reputation of being tough but this one is a bit extreme. In today’s incident, we have the highly acclaimed Toyota GR Yaris at a traffic circle somewhere in the UK. This rally-inspired hot hatch is being followed by a rather impatient driver behind the wheel of a Lang Rover Discovery Sport.

Shared on the r/idiotsincars subreddit, we can see right off the bat that the Discovery Sport is looking to get through the circle with haste but, almost as soon as the cars enter the circle, they are presented by a traffic jam. To circumvent this, the Land Rover gets the idea to switch lanes, only the drive completely loses all sense of spatial awareness and makes contact with the GR Yaris.

The plastic bumper comically rebounds the impact from the Discovery Sport’s tyre and sends it rolling over on its roof. Motorists across the circle rush out of their cars to assist the driver. The GR Yaris looks to be unscathed but if you look closely, you can see the right side of the suspension has sunk a bit, suggesting that there may be some structural damage.

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