Yes, the folks over at CarWow have managed to set up yet another tantalising drag race, this time featuring as many as five B-segment hot hatches.

First, there’s the new Volkswagen Polo GTI, which boasts a 2,0-litre engine churning out 147 kW. Interestingly, the German hot hatch is the only contender here with an automatic transmission, complete with a launch control system.

Then there’s the new Ford Fiesta ST, which has downsized to a 1,5-litre turbo-triple also worth 147 kW. Of course, this latest Fiesta ST has yet to arrive in South Africa, but despite its six-speed manual gearbox, it does boast a launch control system.

And what about the Mini John Cooper Works? Well, the model in this battle is fitted with a manual gearbox, linking the front wheels to a 2,0-litre mill worth 170 kW. The Peugeot 208 GTi (no longer offered in SA) also employs a manual, but mated to a 1,6-litre engine sending 153 kW to the front axle.

Lastly, the Toyota Yaris GRMN makes use of a 1,8-litre supercharged (everything else here is turbocharged) petrol engine, delivering 156 kW to the front wheels.

Which hot hatch will take the crown? Well, watch the video above to find out, and stick around for the race from a rolling start, too…